With over 30 years of academic publishing between us, we know the dos and don'ts of journal management. Our collective experience from both big and small publishing houses has provided a unique insight in the challenges that many established publishers face in trying to make the transition to Open Access.


We spent many years working at a major academic publisher, but it was our years with Co-Action Publishing - a pioneer in Open Access publishing - that sparked our passion for open access and the small business way of operating: working hard and independently in an innovative and solution-oriented environment. No office politics or inefficient workflows. We  just want to get to work.

Emma Csemiczky & Veronica Svärd

Founding Partners, Open Academia



The question should rather be – why not? We know academic publishing and we know Open Access. Our careers in publishing started off in 2004 and since 2010 we have been working solely with Open Access journals. For ten years we have worked hands-on with pure Open Access publishing – on all levels of the publication process. We know the importance of thorough peer review, the importance of assisting authors quickly and adequately, the importance of smooth and effective proofreading routines, the importance of timely production and publication, the importance of an open and wide dissemination, and – last but not least – the importance of partnering with excellent suppliers!


We have spent every single working day over the past ten years assisting and supporting authors, reviewers, editors and societies of OA journals. We have built and maintained the journal websites in OJS, arranged for copyediting and typesetting, trafficked proofs and proofreading corrections between authors and typesetters, prepared and finalized the online publication as well as print on demand and ensured the content feed to indexing services and databases. We have provided training for editors and editorial staff and built great relationships in the process. We have done this for ten years in the spirit of openess and transparency. And we have enjoyed every second of it.



Open Academia was born out of the realization that many open access journals have a hard time finding a good home in today's publishing world. Many traditional publishers are still grappling with trying to make the shift to serving researchers instead of subscribers and providing an environment and infrastructure that elevate the author experience. Open access journals are often forced into old subscription journal systems and workflows.                                



We believe academic publishing should be resituated within the research community. Academic societies are now able to take back control of their own publications and we provide the infrastructure and know-how to make that happen. By partnering with university presses and academic societies, we work to secure a wide and open dissemination of research and the best possible service to researchers. Happy authors is our endgame.

With a good, all-inclusive journal management system like OJS - developed for open access and constantly evolving through user-driven innovation - publishing does not need to be complicated at all. There is no need for high-priced publishers to lay down the law. We can do this together. Let's get in touch!



We offer full open access publishing solutions as well as individual services ranging from editorial support, production, OJS website design and maintenance, collecting APCs etc. We form partnerships with academic societies and we also support smaller presses looking to publish open access journals. Read more here.


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