Let's bring back control of publishing to the research community!

Open Academia is here to help academic societies and institutions publish their own journals. We provide full support as an experienced and strong back office working to ensure a professional online presence for the journal. We also provide support to university presses, libraries and other academic units looking to publish OA. Our main focus is keeping the journals running smoothly and efficiently, without the hindrances of office politics and bureaucratic workflows often seen in the big publishing houses. It is our strong belief that a journal that is running smoothly will grow by its own nature. Happy authors return and they tell their friends!




How can we help?

Open Academia is partnering with Public Knowledge Project (PKP) to provide a complete publishing service in an open access environment. We deliver support on all aspects of publishing in terms of the day-to-day running of the journal, making sure that the peer review, production and publication process runs hitch-free and with a happy author at the end of it. Open Academia is not about streamlining, we are here to help you run your journal. 


We believe academic publishing is best run by researchers and Open Academia provides the full back office needed to accomplish this. Our goal is to help pave the way for society presses to publish their journals with all the back office benefits of a professional publisher, but with the complete freedom that comes with self-rule. The size of the Article Processing Charges (APC), if any, is set by the societies themselves - the Open Academia fee remains affordable, regardless.


Open Academia also forms partnerships with University Presses and smaller OA presses wanting to expand their journal portfolios while freeing inhouse staff to focus on other things than day-to-day journal management.


If you are starting up a new journal or simply need additional support for your existing journal, Open Academia is here to help. We can do it all, or just bits and pieces.

Read more about our services here.


Why not a Publisher?

We believe scholarly publishing should be resituated within the research community, far away from the corporate machine. In the world of publishing, bigger is not always better. The services provided by traditional publishers are often limited by their own one-size-fits-all approach. Individual journals, especially smaller ones, are powerless to influence their own course.  But with the proper support, academic societies can manage publishing themselves - with the status and prestige of their own institutional imprint.


We want to lower the barriers of publishing for society presses by providing an affordable back office with the highest professional standards, ensuring a wide dissemination through modern digital channels.


Open Academia provides the infrastructure, full support and expertise to help journals run smoothly and efficiently. We take care of all the core elements of publishing, from the technical and nitty-gritty aspects of production and publication to supporting authors and editors on a daily basis. Their contact throughout the process will be with one person dedicated to ensure a smooth, rapid and friendly process!  Our focus on the author experience sets us apart from traditional publishers . Open Academia does not lock down clients in long contracts. We want you to stay on your own accord and we believe you will.



Research Integrity

Open Academia is dedicated to uphold the integrity of OA academic publishing. We provide dedicated support to all journals to help ensure that they are operated with a high degree of integrity, with full anti-plagiarism checking and rigorous peer review. 

Original research and review manuscripts, including those relating to special isssues, submitted to a journal published in cooperation with Open Academia are subjected to external peer review. The decision to accept or reject a paper is based on comments from at least two independent reviewers. Only scientifically qualified persons evaluate reviews and make the decision to accept or reject a submission. Typically, this means the Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision, or a Subject Editor or Guest Editor, where this is applicable. The Editor-in-Chief is accountable for the quality of editorial decisions.

Articles that have already been published will remain unaltered as far as is possible, though updated with information that an erratum/corrigendum or other amendment exists. Read more here.

All Open Academia content is indexed with CrossRef and assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

We strongly encourage our editors of medical journals to join the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), which offers a large number of important resources and guidelines specific to editing medical journals (www.wame.org/becoming-a-member).

Partners and Partner Presses

Open Academia is proud to partner with Public Knowledge Project (PKP) to provide the infrastructure and support needed to make independant publishing a viable option for academic societies and journal owners. Another cornerstone of successful publishing is a good typesetter and Open Academia is working with the best in the business, Datapage.


The first society press to join forces with Open Academia was the Association For Learning Technology (ALT). Together with ALT, we are working to help further the continued growth and reach of their journal Research in Learning Technology.


We are also honored to team up with Swedish Nutrition Foundation (SNF) to help publish their journal Food & Nutrition Research, one of the first Open Access journals in its field. As of 2019, the Norwegian Polar Institute and Open Academia has formed a publishing partnership to publish Polar Research. Open Academia is is also partnering with NOASP to expand our services for journals.






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